We are well known for our exemplary customer service. At L&M, going the extra mile is standard operating procedure. Here are just a few true stories about our service and several recent customer comments.

Several years ago, a boy and his grandfather came into our Zion plant. For a school project, the boy had marked on a world map the places where his grandfather had fought during World War II. He wanted to mount the map on a piece of corrugated for stability. Without a moment’s hesitation, our designer took the boy and his grandfather into the design lab, cut a sheet, and adhered the map. When the grandfather got out his wallet and asked how much he owed, the designer said, “Just a hand shake.”

True Stories from Customer Service

One of our larger corporate customers called on a Friday afternoon at 5 PM with an urgent rush order. They needed 30,000 boxes by Saturday. We strategized and scrambled, calling in extra staff, getting sheets trucked to us in record time and utilizing both facilities. We coordinated a team to run the boxes and then delivered to the client. Many challenges were encountered, but we got it done.

True Stories from Customer Service
  • “High quality packaging is definitely important. Shipping and handling is a big concern for us and L&M is really good about sizing considerations. I appreciate the investment L&M has made in equipment. It’s always a pleasure to work with everyone there.”

    Alex Sielaff, president, Sielaff Corporation, Mineral Point, Wisconsin

  •  “The L&M design team does an outstanding job of developing cartons and pads for difficult-to-package items. They are extremely responsive to our scheduling and shipping needs. L&M has also provided storage services, enabling us to deal with fluctuating finished product volume.” 

    — John, Streit, owner, Keystone Display, Inc., Hebron, Illinois.

  • “We have a high quality product—and we need an equally high quality box.L&M’s packaging solutions enhance our brand. It also protects our product thereby reducing the potential for damage and returns. Also, I can monitor the number of boxes we’re using and adjust the shipments to meet our particular needs that month. We have a great partnership!”

    Dan Moreno, purchasing manager, Skyline Furniture, Thornton, Illinois

  •  “There are a zillion corrugated boxing companies out there. Early on, I worked with others. What I found was that the first time, the packaging was fine, but not always of a consistent quality. Now, L&M supplies all of our boxes. The turn-around is quick — typically 2-3 days — and the quality is top-notch.”

    —  Mary Pittman, co-owner, Mill Creek Cheese, Arena, Wisconsin.